All the Featured and Top Picks Ad will be prominently shown on the Home Page of the website.
Yes, and we encourage you send us a PRESS RELEASE or an Article regarding this industry or your business.
Once the sign-up form is filled in and sent you will receive a secure 24-Hour payable invoice that will accept all major credit cards including American Express and Discover. Easy and fast
Yes. Please email us when this is desired, and we will do it for you.
Email Contact form is the fastest and most efficient form of timely contact and response. Typically Same day.
Website visitors, professionals and advertisers have full access to the website without a password.
There is no contractual obligation for your featured ad or top picks ad. One quick email to us and your next reoccurring payment will be cancelled with no more obligations whatsoever.
The featured ad or the Top Picks ad renews automatically with the credit card on file, you do not need to do anything.
Just email us with the request to cancel and we will cancel your reoccurring account and remove your ad on the following 1st of the month.
All articles are removed month end and archived. A new article will take that one’s place. All archived articles are accessible by all visitors.
No, we have no obligations, nor do we validate the accuracy of the Listing Companies advertisement, customers and visitors are asked to deal directly with the advertiser with any and all concerns. With that said please feel free o use the contact form and express to us any concerns regarding any misrepresentation/s.
A company clicks on the SIGN-UP Page link and fills out the form.
A company clicks on the SIGN-UP Page link and fills out the form.
All paid listings stay current with no interruption in 30 Day increments renewing each month on the 1st.
The positions of the ads are limited. However if one is available the advertiser can list as many as they choose.
This is accomplished when you sign up on the sign-up page. If any parties concerned have any problems with this one image our staff not only monitor for best quality during sign up but will assure that all will be uploaded to your satisfaction even if it takes modifications on our side to work well.
Typically, no as the systems design does not accommodate this feature.
Yes but typically works with in the 30 Day Listing period so such a change would take place on the first
Yes, you can however you would need to submit the validating information and documents for a quick resolution.