TOWING NEWS was established in February 2006. This is now the latest version of towing news to compliment all companies that have anything with the movement of vehicles.

Martin Snytsheuvel is the founder, publisher and the editor-in-chief. As far as his Journalistic experience this was accomplished decades ago at age 17. Mr. Snytsheuvel was one of the youngest Photojournalists in the USA at 17 Years old working for the Las Vegas Sun / Review Journal with published works there as well as the Associated Press.

He also has hundreds of articles currently online with numerous substantive recognitions.

The TOWING NEWS digital representation is topic specific regarding the towing industry available to visitors 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This is a great way visitors can reach out and receive information about products and services for anyone in the towing industry.

In addition to Towing News digital edition, there are many additional online properties that are part of the Domain Names Inc. family with cross marketing strategies that increase the visibility of this website and many others. Please contact us for a list of additional websites and ability to contribute to any of these sites with the interest of creating a greater professional exposure.

The Founder has additional talents other than news industry. He is also very well versed in all elements of towing and transportation of vehicles not only in the USA but internationally.

Mr. Snytsheuvel has an interest in the thoughts of any visitor to this website. Please email using the contact info page and he will respond to all communications.