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Towing companies gear up for winter storm


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With wintry conditions headed to Siouxland local towing companies are gearing up for a busy couple of days.

Meier Towing in Sioux City spent much of the day getting its trucks ready to battle the harsh conditions that they will have to face to help the increased number of accidents, cars in the ditch, and stalled cars that happen when a winter storm hits.

Meier towing will be running at full compacity starting this evening taking as many calls as they can handle, but if conditions worsen The Iowa Department of Public Safety could issue a tow ban.

Jeff Day owner of Meier Towing tells us that if a tow ban is put in place, they will be unable to pull your car out of the ditch until that ban is lifted.

“If your car is off of the roadway in the ditch, they will come out and pick you up, but they will not allow a tow truck to come and pull you out, “said Jeff Day, Owner, Meier Towing

The reason a tow ban is put into effect is that the tow truck causes an additional safety risk to other vehicles and the tow company employees that are out in the dangerous conditions.


  1. I think if the weather is not that bad, then tow trucks should be allowed to use. Trucks add more convenience to workers.

  2. I would say that people must not come out of home in such harsh conditions of storm and risk their life, if the work is not of much importance.


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