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CHAOS IN CALAIS Lorry driver forced to wrestle bloodied migrant from car he is towing to the UK after he snuck on board in bid to reach Britain


Man is seen yanking migrant from motor as shock figures show 30,000 attempts to reach Britain through town since January.

A LORRY driver has been seen dragging a bloodied migrant from a car being transported to the UK in shocking scenes at Calais yesterday.

A group then pelted the driver with rocks and spat at him as shocking violence erupted at the fraught border crossing. Migrants have been gathering at Calais in their thousands even after the destruction of the Jungle camp

nintchdbpict0003435754511Queues of migrants wait to be fed at a new makeshift camp near Calais last week

nintchdbpict0003435761112Shock figures released this week revealed there were 30,000 attempts to reach Britain through Calais last week

Migrants are flooding the area once again nearly a year after the demolition of the Jungle migrant camp, sparking fears that new makeshift settlements are springing up in the area.

Express reporter Giles Sheldrick, who witnessed the car scrap, said the raging driver was attacked with stones and the motors he was transporting were damaged.

It was the second moment of violence he witnessed in the space of just 30 minutes yesterday, the paper reported.

On Wednesday shock figures revealed there were 30,000 attempts by desperate migrants to reach Britain through the Calais port and Channel Tunnel since January alone.

There were 17,867 attempts to break into the fortified zone around the area, and a total of 12,349 efforts were also made to stow away on British-bound lorries.

Released by French authorities, the figures show a shock rise from an estimated 25,000 to 28,000 attempts to breach border ­security around Calais in the same period last year.

nintchdbpict000343574027Migrants wait to be fed at an area called The Dunes at Calais last week

nintchdbpict000343569949There were up to 5,000 more attempts to reach the UK than the same period last year



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