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Advertising on a few select sites on the web may give you and your company the benefits you are seeking. Easily proven if your listings receive calls that turn into cash. But lately there have been many new tow-search sites popping up wanting your business. Please use your gut instinct here. The towing industry is extremely focused and you as a company must select the very best options available. It is important to note that there are hundreds, possibly thousands of towing related companies who are ready to use your service and products. These may be retail or wholesale. Being out where you can be seen is very important. Contrast a tow-search site such as towingnews.com with any other company you already do business with…and you will soon see that this site is industry specific. Affordable fair priced services should be of great interest to those who are seeking growth and additional revenue. You’ve seen others using the same service and can be reasonably assured that if it works for them, it’ll work for you. The unspoken promise is that when someone lands on towingnews.com, searching for towing or towing products, your business will be displayed, and you’ll get calls that turn into cash. You should advertise with towingnews.com now.

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You’re a specialist, one of your areas of expertise is towing. You can safely move a disabled vehicle from one location to another. When adverting on towing news you are reaching out with your own special information to this great industry. Get one banner now, 728X90 or 300X250. Affordable advertising and with many specials available to you and your towing related company. Please fill out the form here for a quick response to what is available currently to you. This response will also give you a price that is so low we cannot publish it here.

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Staten Island towing company sues NYPD over terminated contract

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A Staten Island towing company has filed a lawsuit against the city and the NYPD for wrongful contract termination. Breen Bros....
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